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In addition to the expected high standard of residential and nursing facilities, Southend Care is well equipped to cater for residents with a wide range of needs.

Rehabilitation unit
A state of the art fully equipped rehabilitation unit situated on the lower ground floor helps keep our residents fit and active. The unit is operated by a qualified and specialised physiotherapist and occupational therapist and available for the benefit of in and out-patients. The equipment is specially designed for people who have little or no mobility. Rehabilitation is also assisted by the cinema, which plays the old classics to bring reminiscence to the residents.

Dementia care unit
Southend Care has its own specialist dementia care unit. This self-contained unit within tranquil surroundings offers the best in contemporary practice for caring for people with dementia, including Alzheimer’s.

A dedicated team led by a Head Nurse provides 24-hour nursing care using a 'person-centered’ approach, based on the leading theory in current dementia care practice. Residents receive high levels of attention and supervision and care is highly individualised, based on the resident‘s needs and wishes. All staff members receive training and updates from external experts in the field, including specialist trainers from the Alzheimer’s Society.

Palliative care
We provide individual support to residents with advanced and progressive illness and, of course, offer help and support to their families. Palliative care aims to make the best quality of life available for individuals suffering terminal diseases and illnesses, as a form of support alongside medical care and treatment.

The aim is to make each day a special day and we approach the needs of both the residents and their families in all respects, including the physical, social, psychological and spiritual.

Individualised care
Each and every resident has differing needs and it is inevitable that some are more complex than others. Accordingly, we invite potential residents to visit us, not only to see the extensive facilities we offer but for us to best assess the residents’ needs.

We are committed to providing a high standard of quality nursing care for elderly people.  We foster an atmosphere of care and choice which enables and encourages our residents to live a full, interesting and independent lifestyle, in a luxurious and safe environment.
Our model of care includes provision of gourmet catering through our qualified and experienced chefs. Meals are freshly prepared daily from healthy ingredients and tea, coffee and other hot and cold drinks and snacks are available around the clock for residents and guests.

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Tel: 01705 2255118


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